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Expelliarmus! 'Harry Potter' Baddie Jamie Waylett Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison

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After he was previously nicked by police for cannabis possession, we wouldn't have been surprised to find "Harry Potter" star Jamie Waylett arrested for having a cocktail in public, but a Molotov cocktail?

TMZ reports that the wayward Waylett, best known as Draco Malfoy's imposing lackey Vincent Crabbe in the first six "Potter" films, is on his way to Azkaban (a.k.a. jail) after being sentenced to two years in a British prison for some very Slytherin-like behavior during last year's London riots.

We reported last October that the husky 22-year-old had been charged with brandishing a homemade explosive while looting a store on August 8th, 2011, which was captured on magical surveillance tape. To add insult to injury, when Waylett was arrested on September 20th police found fifteen cannabis plants in his home.

Though the court found him guilty of violent disorder, he was acquitted charges of intent to destroy property with a fire bomb. He had previously served 140 hours of community service in 2009 for cannabis. No word yet on when he'll begin his sentence, but we hope the prison has a decent Quidditch team.

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