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Behold Han Solo Frozen in LEGO Carbonite

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite LEGO Bit Rebel

"Yes, he's alive. And in perfect hibernation."

One of the most harrowing images of the entire "Star Wars" universe — and perhaps in the history of sci-fi cinema itself — is that of rogue Rebel hero and part-time scoundrel Han Solo frozen in carbonite, his face contorted in a silent scream, his hands upraised in a desperate last-second attempt to shield himself from the icy blasts of the Cloud City freezing chamber.

Frozen Han becomes Jabba the Hutt's most prized trophy, and one of the key representations of the dark, despairing tone of "The Empire Strikes Back." It's also inspired plenty of fan-driven arts and crafts, such as Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite ice cube trays ... and, now, Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite, made completely out of over 10,000 LEGO pieces.

We agree with Bit Rebel in that this thing belongs in a pop culture museum somewhere, if not inside the Slave 1's cargo hold. Click on the image below for more pics.

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite LEGO

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