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'Ghostbusters' Fan Builds Perfect Firehouse Replica

Super-fans do the craziest — and coolest — things.

Italy apparently breeds some pretty intense "Ghostbusters" fanatics, as one of them has built an entire working replica of the firehouse basement that the paranormal investigators and eliminators use to store their containment unit. This guy did it all, with working lights, sounds, steam effects and friends to wear Ghostbusters costumes — all that's missing is for Walter Peck to come in and yell, "Shut it all down!"

Check it out in action in the video above, and click on the pic below to see more photos of this stunning achievement. You know at least Dan Aykroyd is totally geeking out over this.

Now imagine what this guy could do with the top of 55 Central Park West.

[Thanks to for the find.]


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