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The Top 2 Gerard Butler Movies of All Time


Gerard Butler — that Scottish hunk of man-thespian who's cornered the market on shirtless action movies and rom-coms about bounty hunters and/or Katherine Heigl — is back in theaters this weekend with "Playing For Keeps," the story of a morally tarnished athlete who finds his heart of gold in the midst of his son's soccer team and a bunch of MILFs.

Butler's been throwing his manliness across movie screens since his breakout role as Dracula in 2000's, er, "Dracula 2000," but his career began long before; the 43-year-actor has nearly 50 film credits to his name.

So, in honor of his long and testosterone-filled filmography, we bring you the TOP TWO GERARD BUTLER FILMS... OF ALL TIME!

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2. '300'

Look, it's not a great movie, but it's certainly not terrible. Butler plays King Leonidas, a wise and munificent monarch who leads all 300 of his loyal Spartan soldiers to doom. Bare-chested, oiled, muscular doom.

It's got a little something for everyone: battle scenes, fantastical creatures, the gorgeous Lena Headey as Queen Gorgo, awesome names like "Gorgo," half-naked McDreamies, sex, betrayal and throwing bad guys in wells. If actual history were this exciting, we'd all have Ph.D.s.

And, at long last... the #1 Gerard Butler movie of all time!


1. 'How To Train Your Dragon'

Yes, Gerard Butler is absolutely in this movie. Don't bother checking IMDB. He is.

You can't see his bulging delts, but his voice is hard at work as Stoick the Vast in this endlessly charming animated tale about bravery, open-mindedness and dragon-training. Butler is currently working on the sequel with Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Kristen Wiig and more — we fully expect we'll have to adjust this list when it comes to theaters in 2014.

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