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Doggone Hobbits! Middle-Earth Musings with Gary Busey

Gary Busey The Busey Zone

You think you know Hobbits? Man, you don't know anything.

J.R.R. Tolkien may be known as something of a completist when it comes to his own Middle-earth mythology, but apparently there were a few tidbits about the little people of the Shire that he neglected to include. Luckily, we have a true Tolkien scholar to fill in those vast gaps of knowledge: Gary Busey.

What better place to get your AP course in Hobbits than on a grassy knoll? Busey sits on top of a hill on a beautiful sunny day, proving that you don't need to go to New Zealand to catch some Middle-earth scenery (L.A. will do just fine, right?). Listen as he tells you about the folks who wear "wide underwear, but short, because their legs aren't long."

Maybe it's time for an update of "The Silmarillion," Tolkien's vast (and near-unreadable) tome of Middle-earth history? There's obviously valuable new information to include.

Check out the video below, courtesy of The Busey Zone (yes, apparently there's more Busey mania to explore). The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.

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