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Paradox Alert! Everything Wrong with 'Looper' in 3 Minutes

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis in "Looper" FilmDistrict

Apparently it's okay now to admit that maybe it's not as perfect a movie as we thought it was.

Yeah, "Looper" was clever and cool and just different and creative enough to make us feel good about the state of contemporary cinema and all that. But it also dealt with time travel, and when a film dares to tackle that ever-tricksy subject matter, there are bound to be a few uncrossed T's and undotted I's.

Or I's that don't have dots, like the one in this and the previous sentence. See? Paradoxes.

The gang over at CinemaSins, who recently compiled "Everything Wrong with 'The Dark Knight Rises' in 3 Minutes or Less," seem to have it out for Joseph Gordon-Levitt. What next, a ruthless expose on the flaws of "Premium Rush"? But there aren't any!

Check out the startling bit of film criticism below, and remember — always be suspicious of fast-cooking steak and eggs. Thanks to FilmDrunk for the find.

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