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Yes, Even Dogs Hate 'Twilight'

Dogs may already be man's best friend, but it's possible you'll have never felt a deeper kinship with them before today.

Indeed, as our compadres at Buzzfeed discovered, we may have more in common with canines than we originally thought. Watch as one particular helpless dog whines and barks at the television as a "climactic" scene from Twilight plays out in front of him. We've all been there, buddy. Poor guy.

It's not all bad news for everyone, though: At least the producers of those animal cruelty ads featuring Sarah McLachlan forlornly talking to the camera while her song "Angel" lightly plays in the background have a really easy commercial idea that's fallen at their feet. "I'm only afraid of losing you, Edward!" ("In the arrrmmmsss offfffff the angeellllll...")

So if you HAVE to watch "Twilight," don't make your dogs do it with you. They only want to love you. Don't make them have to try hard to do it.

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