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Kat Dennings Makes Suburbia Cool in Exclusive 'Daydream Nation' Poster

Daydream Nation
Anchor Bay Films

It looks like Kat Dennings is now the official gatekeeper to the summer 2011 movie season. The hot young actress of "Nick and Norah" fame is starring in not one but two movies releasing May 6, the Friday kicking off Hollywood's biggest season, with both a huge studio blockbuster ("Thor") and an indie film poised to be the sleeper hit of the season ("Daydream Nation").

No offense to the God of Thunder, but we're especially psyched for "Daydream Nation," a hip indie being compared to the weirdo (and super-cool) cinema of both David Lynch and "Donnie Darko." 

The romantic drama, co-starring Josh Lucas and Andie MacDowell (yes! we've missed you Andie MacDowell!), features Denning as a teenager who's transplanted from the big city to a small town, where she gets involved in a love triangle with her teacher (Lucas) and fellow student (Reece Thompson).

Check out the exclusive poster for "Daydream Nation" below. And get ready for the summer, which can't start soon enough.

Daydream Nation Poster

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