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Danny DeVito on Researching Divorce

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When we heard the news that Danny DeVito and wife Rhea Perlman are splitting up, we were absolutely shocked, and not simply because the actors have been married for three decades. We talked to DeVito about the re-release of his divorce-themed masterpiece "War of the Roses" only two weeks ago, and he offered an anecdote about old rumors of a divorce with Perlman  — but didn't give the smallest clue that a real separation was on the horizon.

That guy has a hell of a poker face.

"I remember doing research where we were in the middle of a book store with a pile of books that were all about defending yourself and doing your own divorce — the books were all about what you should wear, how you should deal with the screwing up," he told us. "I was standing in line and I had already been on 'Taxi,' of course, and once you've been on television, everybody knows you. That's cool, but the woman turned to me and said, 'I'm so sorry to hear about you and Rhea.' I said, “No no no, I am doing this really crazy movie."

Hollywood couples come and go in the blink of an eye, but the union of DeVito and Perlman had "'til death" written all over it. We'd love to believe this round of divorce news is only research for a new movie; sadly, a rep for the couple has confirmed the split.

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