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Christopher 'Ronnie' Walken Was a High School Hottie (Here's Proof)


Reddit user summitrock has some interesting news to share: His mother went to school with Christopher Walken, and she has the yearbook photo to prove it!

Listed as "Ronnie Walken," the future movie star and equally hilarious and horrifying scene-stealer looks super-cool with a clean-cut blond (!) hairstyle. Not only that, but the dude's senior quote comes from William Shakespeare himself, proving that the guy was always a class act, years before playing "The Continental" on "SNL".

His blurb lists Walken as a "tall, blue-eyed cavalier" and "watchful dreamer" who will "speak up quite suddenly...and then lapse back into silence." Yup, sounds like our guy. "Ronnie," as it reads, was eagerly pursuing a career in theater, so suffice it to say, becoming a highly-regarded movie star was probably not such a bad back-up plan, after all.

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