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Sounds Like Chewbacca, Isn't

If you've ever doubted that the Internet is an endless source of unnecessary exercises in stupidity, may we present to you: Things That Sounds Like Chewbacca But Aren't. YouTuber kollektivetLivet has scoured the Interwebs, cobbling together a supercut of sorts that helps us all differentiate things that sound like Chewbacca from things that, well, aren't Chewbacca, as you might have guessed.

Even "Star Wars" aficionados might have trouble telling the difference between Chewie and guys getting tasered. Or guys gurgling water. Or frenetic felines and cantankerous canines or ...what is that, a mechanical toilet or something?

Consider it a PSA of sorts: the more you know about vacuum cleaners, the more you know about Wookiees. You learn something every day!

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