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Check This: 'American Beauty' Poster Lego-fied


Despite being over a decade old, "American Beauty," Sam Mendes's tale of suburban ennui and the allures of taboo temptations, seems to have a new home on the Internet.

At DeviantArt, an online community where users can post examples of their artwork, a user by the name of Oldredjalopy recently posted his Legofied interpretation of Mena Suvari's famous "nude rose" scene from the film.

While we prefer the non-Lego version in terms of titillation, we'll give it up to Mr. Jalopy for the careful covering up of any inappropriate Lego parts.

We'd be remiss, though, not to bring up the "Family Guy" parody, which enunciates what many people were thinking about the infamous swirling plastic bag.

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