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Charlize Theron Is Number 1 Pick for 'Agent 13'

Charlize Theron
The Fab Life/Getty Images

Once you've directed one of the most critically and commercially successful films (that never happens), what's a director to do next? If you're Rupert Wyatt, you wait. And then Charlize Theron appears!

Good system, no?

After taking a bit of a breather, by Hollywood standards at least, Wyatt will soon be sliding into his chair behind the camera—first for a spy thriller entitled "Londongrad," and then with a little WME project (note the sarcasm in "little") called "Agent 13," which has none other than the Oscar-winning beauty Charlize Theron lined up to star.

Though details about "Agent 13" remain slim, the leading lady's role in two blockbuster summer flicks—"Prometheus" and "Snow White and the Huntsman"—has anointed her as a serious genre player with some massive box office appeal.

As Indie Wire reports, we do know that T.S. Nolan penned the script, and it's being billed as a sci-fi action hybrid, but that's pretty much all the powers-that-be are letting out, for now at least. But with Wyatt and Theron on board, that's just about all we need to know. Just say when and where and we won't be a minute late.


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