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GALLERY: The '10 Years' Cast, 10 Years Ago

Attending a 10 year high school reunion is a bit like a time warp. People are the same, but they're not. They look the same, but, then again, they totally don't.

With "10 Years" arriving in theaters this Friday and rocking a class list we really wish we were on — from Channing Tatum and Justin Long to Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Rosario Dawson — we thought it'd be fun to see what the actors were up to just a decade ago. Some of it might surprise you, and some of it you probably already know.

Before you flip through our pseudo-yearbook: If you're looking for a glimpse at what the actors looked like in high school, check out the official "10 Years" Tumblr (but we promise this is no less humorous). And, lastly, you won't find Aubrey Plaza, one of the other awesome stars in this movie, in this gallery. We simply couldn't find any photos of her that pre-dated 2006, but it wasn't for lack of love or effort.

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