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Ring in Easter With a Supercut of Bunnies in Film

No holiday can go by these days without seeing its share of timing-specific supercuts. And, of course, that includes Easter, the holiday that reminds us that colored eggs are delicious, the best candy gets released in spring, and giant bunnies (well, bunnies of all kinds, but, specifically, giant bunnies) are to be treasured across time.

And although the Easter Bunny himself doesn't show up in this supercut of bunnies on film, there's plenty of floppy-eared fauna to help regale in the holiday festivities. From Roger Rabbit to Thumper, the Mad Hatter to Harvey, the gang's all here. One oversight we can't help but point out is the iconic bunny from "Donnie Darko," but maybe the supercut artist is just trying to keep things light, in which case, all is forgiven.

And next weekend, when you're trolling the grass for eggs, think of Bugs Bunny.

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