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'The Croods' Cruises to Box Office Victory

The Croods DreamWorks

Neanderthals may not have known the secret of fire, but they apparently knew how to make crowd-pleasing movies, as according to, the animated stone age family adventure "The Croods" topped the box office this weekend with an estimated $44.7 million.

And "The Croods" wasn't the only thick-browed example of pre-humanity to do well, as Gerard Butler's "Olympus Has Fallen" also opened strong, bringing in an estimated $30.5 million in its debut.

That left little on the bone for Tina Fey's new comedy "Admission," which bombed out to the tune of only $6.4 million. For a full look at the weekend box office, including the buzzed about limited release "Spring Breakers" and returning champ "Oz the Great and Powerful," head to

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