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'Despicable Me 2' Saves the World From Adam Sandler

Grown Ups 2 Columbia Pictures

It was a close call, but "Despicable Me 2" barely saved the world from the haunting specter of another Adam Sandler number one, as Gru and company eked out a box office win over "Grown Ups 2" according to

That left Guillermo del Toro's robot flick "Pacific Rim" with a bad case of sadpants, as the extremely expensive CGI fairy tale brought in $38.3 million in its debut. Decent, but not enough to beat out "Despicable Me 2's" $44.7 million or "Grown Ups 2's" $42.5 million.

For a full rundown of this weekend's box office figures, including numbers for returning hits like "The Heat," "World War Z" and "Man of Steel," head to

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