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#Awesome: The 15 Best Movie Character Twitters

As riveting as it is to keep up with our friends' eating habits and "Dancing With the Stars" opinions, the people that make Twitter worthwhile use the medium for something a little less mundane.  For every "My Rice Krispies are soggy again. #FML" there's someone like Conan O'Brien tweeting, "Woke up and read that Stan Lee is suing the movie 'Conan' for ripping him off. Now my father is suing Stan Lee."

And for us, the most bang for those 140 characters comes in the form of fictional accounts -- specifically, Twitter accounts run by movie characters. 'Cause even when they're posting about lunch, it's kind of funny.

Here are our 15 favorites, and why you should follow them:

15. Spiderman

Your friendly neighborhood web-slinger always tells it like it is. And he loves Aunt May's wheatcakes. Who doesn't?

14. Chewbacca

He's surprisingly articulate for a Wookiee. Even though he pretty much always ends up growling.

13. Bridget Jones

Why keep a diary when you can be self-loathing, British and weight-obsessed on Twitter?

12. Patrick Bateman

The "American Psycho" himself is violent, profane... and pretty hilarious, if a bit disturbing.

11. The Terminator

The angriest cyborg is searching the internet for Sarah Connor, one Twitter account at a time.

10. Drunk Hulk

You won't like him when he's angry... but you'll probably like him after a few beers.

9. Feminist Hulk

... and if a few drinks don't do the trick, maybe you'll like him when he's self-actualized and subverting hetero-normative ideals.

8. Time Lost Batman

He writes in all-caps and plans for world domination -- being a bodyguard for all of Gotham has clearly gone to his head.

7. President Snow

The snake leader of Panem is preparing for "The Hunger Games" by watching your every move now.

6. Comic Book Guy

Best. Twitter. Ever. You may remember him from such big screen adventures as "The Simpsons Movie," and he's every bit as large and dissatisfied online.

5. Hal 9000

The heuristically programmed algorithmic computer menaces "2001: A Space Odyssey," but he's positively delightful on Twitter. Delightfully EVIL, anyway.

4. God Damn Batman

Another look at the caped crusader makes it painfully clear that protecting Gotham is too much work for one guy.

3. Edward Cullen

That poor sparkly vampire just wants to make sure his woman is safe... by keeping a close eye on her. At all times.

2. Death Star PR

Obviously, Darth Vader has his own team of spin doctors.

1. Lord Voldemort

Yeah, he's the worst perpetrator of wizardicide in the history of time, but he's funny -- that has to count for something, right?

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