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My Favorite Vampire Movie: Benjamin Walker

Benjamin Walker Getty Images / Amazon

"I was a big fan of 'The Lost Boys,' but I think 'Nosferatu' is probably my favorite. There's something so timelessly mysterious about it. Just the way that it's shot, it's so dark and shadowy and sinister.

"I believe that guy could be wandering around in the alleys of Transylvania. The teeth and the ears … it's just really scary, the first of its kind. Really ethereal."

Before classically trained actor Benjamin Walker took up his axe as the Great Emancipator in "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," out on Blu-ray and DVD today, he had small roles in "Kinsey" and "Flags of Our Fathers." It was on Broadway where he truly made his name, as our 7th President in the Broadway rock musical "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson."

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