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10 Equally Random Suggestions For the Role of Steve Jobs in 'Jobs'

Jobs Open Road

If anything, Ashton Kutcher was certainly an outside-the-box choice to play Steve Jobs in "Jobs," the late Apple founder's biopic debuting this month for which no one asked.

But could the well-meaning producers of the film have ventured even more outside the box with the starring role? If the intention of casting Kutcher was to create a preliminary buzz around the film that may not have been there otherwise (and, really, what else could it have been for?), could the choice have been better?

Don't answer that, because the answer is "Yes." Here were ten better options for the role of Steve Jobs.

1. Christopher Walken


2. The guy who played "Yeah Yeah" in 'The Sandlot'


3. Former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker


4. This guy


5. Zangief from 'Street Fighter 2'


6. Wilson the Volleyball


7. Geraldo's Twitter selfie (but not Geraldo himself)


8. Chairman Mao


9. A Peruvian Mountain Lion


10. Bill Gates


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