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Exclusive Q&A: Alison Brie, Eliminating the Competition With Deadly Force

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As far as we're concerned, Alison Brie can do no wrong.

She has the small but pivotal role of Trudy Campbell on "Mad Men," arguably the best drama on TV, and she's among the primary cast of  "Community" on NBC, arguably the best sitcom to air in years -- unless you're among the NextMovie staff, where we accept no arguments. (It is. Case Closed.)

Now Brie appears in "Scream 4," the latest tongue-in-cheek slasher from horror auteur Wes Craven, playing "Scream" veteran Neve Campbell's greedy and overbearing publicist Rebecca.  As she tells NextMovie, "[Rebecca] is pretty cold, she's missing that sensitivity chip. She's not as wholesome a character as I usually play."

Read on for Brie's shocking "Scream 4" spoiler (we're pretty sure she's kidding... we think) and how she needs your help to achieve her next career goal.

So level with us. You're the killer this time, right?
[Laughs] Yeah, oh yeah. I was just tired of all these young, beautiful actresses being around. I thought, "There can be only one."

Alison Brie in "Scream 4"
Weinstein Co.

Regardless of whether you actually are the killer -- did you flip to the back of the script hoping you were? Is true evil something you'd like to try on for a movie?
Yeah! I think I would embrace it. On either side of that, there is something really great at hand. Probably to be killed in a Wes Craven film and to be the killer in a Wes Craven film would be equally fulfilling. I was like, "Well, one way or another, I'm going to be happy about this."

When the original "Scream" was released in 1996, the satirical slasher was a totally new genre. Is "Scream 4" a continuation of what Wes Craven has already developed, or re-reinventing the wheel?
I think it's a little bit of both. It's certainly reinventing the genre for the new generation. The world we live in now ... is so much more media savvy. We've seen all these horror films and there's the internet and things online that are so gory. Kids are so technologically savvy these days; that whole element is incorporated more into this new film.

["Scream 4"] feels very current. The film's sense of humor will speak to younger audiences as well as older ones -- people who have loved the originals will definitely love this movie.

This one is definitely dark. The head count -- the blood count -- is very high. There's a lot of death. But there's also a lot of comedy and a lot of great, hilarious moments.

The writers of "Community" have already spoofed "Pulp Fiction," "Goodfellas," zombie flicks -- is there any hope of a "Scream" episode?
I wish. I don't know if the time for that has maybe come and gone. I kind of hinted at that when I got back from shooting "Scream 4" last summer. I was like, "Oh, a Halloween episode is coming up," but it didn't seem to have any bearing on what actually happened. So I don't know if it's in the cards. I try not to pitch anything because it usually won't happen. I'll leave it in their hands, they're pretty good at it.

Although... I just started watching "Twin Peaks," and I'm really hoping we'll do a "Twin Peaks"-esque episode. I think that which would still sort of be in the "Scream" vein. There's definitely killing!

Your "Community" co-star Donald Glover had a big year in social networking. That Glover-for-Spider-Man Twitter campaign really blew up. What was your take on that?
I always appreciate fan enthusiasm, I'm a big supporter for that in general, so I thought it was really cool. I also think it's really interesting that Twitter commands so much attention from people that actually make stuff happen, the powers that be. It was cool to see it go from kind of a joke and gain so much support that there were people making phone calls, getting Donald meetings. It sort of started to come to fruition, in terms of people taking it seriously. I thought it was so cool what the internet is capable of.

I also thought it showed a bit of open-mindedness, on one hand, of what Spider-Man can be -- and the other hand, a heavy racism about what Spider-Man cannot be. There was a lot of interesting backlash that seemed to come out of nowhere. Obviously, the anonymity of the internet [makes] people feel so comfortable saying these grotesque ideas for everyone to see. But it was definitely nice -- for every idiot there was somebody with more brains on the other side.

How about you? We're fully prepared to start the Twitter campaign of your choosing.
Oh man, right now I would go for "Alison Brie on SNL."  I haven't tweeted that, but a few people tweeted that at me, and I was like, "Yeah, that's what I want to do."


That seems too achievable, you're really setting your bar low.
I know I am.

Not, like...  Scarlett O'Hara?
Well, for a while I thought Snow White, but it seemed to come and go so fast. I wouldn't have the time to do it anyway. It's hard to find things that fit into our "Community" schedule, and "Mad Men," and the movie I'm about to do.

Lincoln movies pop up every so often, just putting that out there.  Abraham Lincoln.
I think I'd make a good Abraham Lincoln. Picture me in that hat. And the beard, I feel like I'd rock a beard.

Don't know if you’re a "Hunger Games" fan, but our genuine suggestion is to go for the character Effie Trinket in the upcoming adaptation.
Let's get the ball rolling!  I've been definitely following all the "Hunger Games" drama, I sort of thought, "I better read these books now that there's been so much interesting casting drama."

You need to get on this.
Well, I think you need to get on this.

One final question: Community colleges are generally two-year programs, right? Is there a plan in place to continue the show long-term? "Community: The Four-Year College Years?"
The good thing about community college is you can actually go there as long as you want. Normally, people go there two years and then they transfer out; I think we've already started to set up some things that would make sense for people to be there again. Even this season, there was an episode in which [my character] Annie confides in Pierce and lets him know she's having a hard time with monetary issues. She decides to get a job even though ... she may not be done with her required classes in time so, she may have to stay at Greendale a little longer.

All of them are just taking classes -- I don't know if they're really there to get a degree. Annie and Jeff seem like the only ones that actually had hard goals that they were trying to reach. It will be interesting to see what keeps them there.

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