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Ali Larter Becomes 'The Rambler'

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Once in (very rare) while, you see a short film and wish it were, you know, longer. Such is the case with the titillating short, "The Rambler," which first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival back in 2008.

Now, thanks to the vision of director Calvin Reeder, your wish is about to come true—and better yet, it's going to star Ali Larter.

Reeder, who just premiered his first feature film, "The Oregonian," at the most recent Sundance circuit, is prepping to shoot a feature version of "The Rambler" in early fall. Production starts this October in New Mexico, and a bevy of stars are lining up to bring this story to the silver screen.

Dermot Mulroney (of "Zodiac" and "The Grey" fame), Lindsay Pulsipher ("True Blood"), and, as previously mentioned, "Final Destination"'s Ali Larter, are in talks to star, Bloody Disgusting reveals.

The flick follows a stranger who takes to the lonely highway with nothing but his guitar and traveling sack, but soon comes across a few odd characters, like, er, a scientist with a machine that record dreams… and some guy with "mummies" in the back of his truck.

Sounds like an exciting road trip to us.

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