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33 GIFs of Machete Killing

machetefi2 Troublemaker Studios

Robert Rodriguez's Machete has some creative ways of killing bad guys. In his film debut, he decapitated three henchmen in one fell swoop, used a gun that was still grasped by someone else's severed hand, and riddled bad guys with bullets from a flying motorcycle.

So, in anticipation of "Machete Kills," we decided that a fitting tribute to the action hero would be GIFs of every single one of his kills in the first "Machete." Check them all out after the jump!

1. Machete hates being helped; never ask him if you can lend him a hand.




2. This guy had a splitting headache. Machete helped him out with that.




3. Machete gives new meaning to the word "handgun."




4. Machete doesn't have time for you.




5. Machete stabs so hard he breaks the frame.




6. When Machete gets angry, heads start rolling.




7. He couldn't have just knocked?



More Machete kills on the next page.

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