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Mashup: The 2013 Best Picture Nominees In One Helpful Trailer

The day is only (quick math) 1,440 minutes long, so maybe you can't spare 27 of them to watch the trailer for every single Best Picture-nominated film. And we get it! You're a busy (man; woman; eunuch)!

It is 2013, after all, and we're all about saving time. The good news is, so are our buds at Official Comedy! They've mashed up the trailers of every single Best Picture nominee into one 2:21 trailer, featured above. You brush your teeth longer than that! Right? Sure you do, you're not disgusting.

And if you can last 100 seconds, your patience is rewarded: At the 1:41 mark, there's a staring contest between Jean-Louis Trintignant of "Amour" and Tommy Lee Jones of "Not Amused by Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell at the Golden Globes." Though neither of the two men win the contest, safe to say we're all winners for watching them try.


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