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The 2013 Best Picture Nominees Recast With Animals

Last year we released the hounds. This year we're bringing the entire animal kingdom.

You may remember (fondly, of course) our dog-themed poster spoofs of last year's Oscar nominees. We're expanding our horizons this year for some cross-species variations on "Argo," "Les Miserables," "Zero Dark Thirty" and the six other films vying for the golden Best Picture statue that, until now, featured mostly two-legged cast members. (There's a distinct lack of an attention-stealing Uggie this year, isn't there?)

Check out what's playing below, courtesy of Old Red Jalopy. Once again, most of them look even more interesting than their homo sapien-driven counterparts.

Aboar, an animal-themed spoof of Amour

beavers of the Southern Wild, an animal-themed spoof of Beasts of the Southern Wild

Dingo Unchained, an animal-themed spoof of Django Unchained

Les Meowserables, an animal-themed spoof of Les Miserables

Lion of Pi, a humorous variation on Life of Pi

Lynxin, an animal-themed spoof of Lincoln

Raargo, an animal-themed spoof of Argo

Silver Fox Linings, an animal-themed spoof of Silver Linings Playbook

Zero Dark Birdie, an animal-themed spoof of Zero Dark Thirty

Bonus ('The Master' wasn't nominated, but we couldn't resist.)

The Moosester, an animal-themed spoof of The Master

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