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The 2012 Best Picture Nominees Recast With Dogs

The Yelp

It's a dog's world, and we're just living in it.

We had a lot of fun recasting favorite movies with cats, but obviously, we weren't about to ignore our canine friends. Because dogs are awesome. In fact, dog lovers are reveling in the cultural moment right now, what with adorable dog du jour Uggie stealing practically every scene in "The Artist."

So this week, with the help of Old Red Jalopy, NextMovie's gone to the dogs: We've recast all nine Academy Awards Best Picture nominees with dogs in the starring roles. We dare say, some of them look even more interesting than the originals.

The Barkist


Extremely Hound and Incredibly Close

The Dogscendants

War Dog

Muttnight in Paris

The Yelp

HuGo Fetch

The Tree of Lab

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