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Our Early Oscar Predictions

The 2013 Toronto International Film Festival is in our rearview, which means we've seen roughly 37 percent of this year's Oscar-nominated films, by official guestimation. So let's make some predictions!

The 9 Dumbest Plot Points of Summer 2013

Here are our picks for the most egregious plot points of the summer, from the mass destruction of "Man of Steel" to pretty much everything in "Elysium."

Questions and Answers With Brie Larson

Stop us if you've heard this one before: "Short Term 12" features a helluva breakthrough performance from Brie Larson.

14 Movie Titles That Lie

"Snakes on a Plane" told the cold hard truth. These movie titles - "Fargo," "88 Minutes" and more - lie their butts off.

The 13 Most Hilarious Google Movie Searches

Google Instant gives us delicious insight into what others most commonly seek out around a subject.

The 15 Best Things Said on the Set of 'This Is the End'

We ventured to down south last spring to behold some of the improv-heavy shenanigans on a soundstage outside of New Orleans.

Questions and Answers from Tribeca: Justin Long

"A Case of You" star Justin Long told us about his feelings on online dating (and stalking) and which one of his movies is sooooo much better when you're stoned.

2013 Oscar Predictions: Now With Every Category (Even the Shorts!)

You're looking for 2013 Oscar predictions in every category. We're making 2013 Oscar predictions in every category. We all win.

Exclusive Q&A: Bridge Goon from 'Gangster Squad'

There's a long, rich tradition of gooning in Hollywood, one you can trace all the way back to Dennis Hopper's remarkable portrayal of Goon in the 1955 classic "Rebel Without a Cause."

Staff Picks: Kevin Polowy's Top 10 Movies of 2012

Crafting a Top 10 Movies of the Year list always presents a little bit of a conundrum: Do you include the greatest films created, both technically and artistically, or do you go with the ones you simply enjoyed the most?

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