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It's the End of Planet Fanboy (And We Feel Sad)

Our geek-in-residence is signing off.

The Academy Awards: A Fanboy's Inside Scoop

So "Star Wars" didn't get an Oscar. Maybe George Lucas and Woody Allen should have teamed up.

Valentine's Day With Planet Fanboy

If you are a Fanboy and she be Fanboy-tolerant, here are some suggestions for having fun with the holiday.

'Star Wars' Spin-offs on Planet Fanboy

Folks, we're calling it now: HAN AT THE PROM.

This Is Why You Need a Zombie

Zombie boyfriend? Awesome. But try one of these other handy uses for the walking dead.

What's the Deal With 'John Dies at the End'?

Should you, as a fanboy, drop everything and watch this On Demand? Yes.

Planet Fanboy: The Year in Preview

It was a good one, this 2012, but 2013 looks like it might have it beat. Why, you ask? We'll tell you.

Planet Fanboy's Best Moments of 2012

2012 is all over and the Mayan prophecy killed us all. Luckily, we at Planet Fanboy slipped this into our system prior to the day we all died. Let's take a look back.

How We're Spending Our Christmas Break on Planet Fanboy

Annoyingly, "Django Unchained" won't be out yet, and chances are you already saw "The Hobbit." So what will you do?

A Fanboy Guide: How to Prepare For 'The Hobbit'

If you're going to the midnight showing, we have tips on how to spend the rest of your day.

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