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Merry Christmas From the Movies: The Mashup

We're celebrating our love of Christmas movies, not to mention the holiday itself, with this heartwarming holiday mashup. Merry Christmas from your friends at NextMovie -- plus a multitude of movie characters -- to all of you.

Brad Pitt Eating: The Mashup

Brad Pitt eats a lot in movies (especially in "Moneyball") ... and unlike the rest of us, even in comic moments, he looks good doing it (shocker).

Hearing People Scream in Space: The Supercut

To all you future space travelers, use the footage above as caution: Intergalactic exploration is f**king scary. And chances are there will be screaming. Lots and lots of screaming.

Drunk People Are Hilarious: The Mashup

Watch and enjoy our mashup of our favorite drinking and drunk scenes in movies... and you don't even need alcohol to do it.

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