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Sounds Like Chewbacca, Isn't

Whiny kitty or Wookiee? You might be surprised.

Fast and Furious and Controlled By a Remote

Shut up and drive!

Teenage Average Turtles: Who Needs Ninjas?

Who needs weapons?

'Calvin and Hobbes': The Gritty Movie Version

"Calvin and Hobbes" meets "Donnie Darko," basically. It makes sense, no?

Kids Said the Darndest Things on the Set of 'Jurassic Park'

Same movie, different lines. Episode One of "Remix the Movies."

Proof: 'A Breakfast Club' Remake Would Suck

The Breakfast Club 2013: expect iPhones.

Aww, Baby's First Lightsaber!

His name is Darth Baby, and he's armed and dangerous.

Crap on The Dude's Face With This 'Big Lebowski' Toilet Seat

The Dude abides, and so should you...on the crapper.

See Baby Leonardo DiCaprio Audition for 'The Outsiders'

Big-time movie stars were once struggling actors, too.

BOOM! Goes The White House (in Film)

See White House go BOOM!

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