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My Favorite Movie: Nick Nolte

"Warrior" star Nick Nolte has an interesting reason for picking "Dr. Strangelove" as his favorite movie.

Nick Nolte Admits He Would've Been One Goofy Han Solo

Grisly veteran actor Nick Nolte tells NextMovie about why he missed out on the hunky role in "Star Wars."

The 9 Most Villainous Pets in Movies

Movie villains need love, too! But from pets, not humans. Count down the most villainous pets (some villainous by association) in the history of the movies.

'Hobo With a Shotgun' Finds a Home on DVD & Blu-ray

With a fantastic title like "Hobo With a Shotgun," you can pretty much surmise what this retro exploitation movie has to offer.

Meet the Kids of 'Super 8'

Meet the kids of J.J. Abrams' "Super 8," the most entertaining ensemble of misfits since "The Goonies."

JGL Rocks Hard in 'Hesher'

"Hesher" is what you get when you take a sappy after-school special about a 13-year-old kid named TJ grieving his dead mother, and hang a big pair of balls off of it.

A Girl's Guide to the 'Fast and Furious' Series

With "Fast Five" in theaters this weekend, here's everything you ladies need to know about the franchise.

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