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9 Romeos Who Would (or Wouldn't) Commit Suicide For Love

We rank nine Romeos from least likely to most likely to kill themselves for fair Juliet.

The 10 Kinkiest Sex Scenes in Movie History (NSFW)

Yeah, you know you want to click on this. Do it. Do it!

Could 'A Talking Cat!?!' Be The Next 'The Room'?

An in-depth analysis!?! of the movie starring Eric Roberts as a talking feline and the cult classic that came before it.

20 Movie Posters That Want to Have Sex With You

And let's face it - with all 20 of these, you would. You would.

Imagining What Each of the 39 Producers on 'The Butler' Did

And the 40th producer? Well, that's you, the viewer. (Aw.)

10 Equally Random Suggestions For the Role of Steve Jobs in 'Jobs'

Ashton Kutcher was fine, but a Peruvian mountain lion would have been just a bit better.

'Star Wars Parkour' Is As Amazing As It Sounds

If only Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford could really do all of this.

Stupid Questions with 'Sharknado' Screenwriter Thunder Levin

Does he believe we're doing enough to protect ourselves from an actual sharknado?

The 10 Least Scary Movies ... According to Their Wikipedia Pages

Oh my God, no! DON'T READ THAT PARAGRAPH! ...Actually it's not scary, you're fine.

'The World's End,' But With the Credits From 'Cheers'

Making your way, in the world today, takes exploding people's heads. Hmm?

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