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Was Jessica Chastain's Character in 'Zero Dark Thirty' Based on a Real Person and Other Pressing Questions

Since not everyone who buys a ticket for the film is an avid reader of "The Atlantic," here are answers to potential burning questions about the movie's depiction of the search for Osama bin Laden

9 Movies That Should Be Banned From Airplanes

These flicks have no place flying the friendly skies.

Our 13 Favorite Little People (in Movies)

An ode to Jackson Nicoll in "Fun Size" and other under-10 scene-stealers.

The 12 Most Awkward Sex Scenes in Movies

From the comedic to the absurd to the downright depressing, here are 12 cringe-inducing sex scenes we've compiled for your viewing (dis)pleasure

Selena Gomez Is Ready to Be a Movie Star

The "Hotel Transylvania" star is poised to transcend her Disney upbringing with roles in the raunchy comedy "Spring Breakers" and the high-tech thriller "Getaway."

All In the Family: 12 On-Screen Relatives Who Actually Look Alike

As Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jesse Plemons bear an uncanny resemblance in "The Master," here are 12 pairs of co-stars who you'd swear could be related.

15 Breakout Stars of Fall

If acclaimed directors like Ang Lee, Paul Thomas Anderson and Peter Jackson saw something in these 15 actors, we probably will, too.

The 12 Hottest (Movie) Teachers

If our favorite educators had looked like these 12 big-screen teachers, we would have been happy flunking year after year just to keep watching them draw on the chalkboard

Why Isn't Kristen Bell a Bigger Movie Star?

We weigh the facts and offer a little career advice to the hot and talented "Hit & Run" star.

Oscar Watch: Could Christopher Nolan's 'Batman' Trilogy Score a Best Picture Nod?

Christopher Nolan fans waiting for their beloved auteur's epic Batman trilogy to get some Academy love could finally be rewarded come Oscar time. "The Dark Knight Rises" has a fabulous shot at scoring a Best Picture nod next February.

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