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A Real-Life Ghost Whisperer Tells Us Which Ghost Movies Are Most Accurate

A real psychic filled us in on which ghost movies get the afterlife right and which get it dead wrong.

Questions and Answers With Nick Offerman

The star of "Somebody Up There Likes Me" and "Parks and Rec" explains the power of his mustache and the horror of feta cheese.

The Top 2 James Franco Prequels Co-Starring Primates (Of All Time)

Of the many, many prequels that feature James Franco and monkeys, we pick the best.

Poster: 'The Penultimate Exorcism'

By definition, you can't have a part two if the previous movie was the last. You just can't.

Questions and Answers With Eliza Coupe

The "Happy Endings" star gets to play a nice girl in "Shanghai Calling" and she's pretty psyched about it.

David Cronenberg, I Didn't Make You Diss 'The Dark Knight'

David Cronenberg's backtracking on his controversial remarks about "The Dark Knight." But I was there when he made them.

Staff Picks: Brooke Tarnoff's Top 10 Movies of 2012

As much as I love the chance to impose my taste upon the world — and I really, really do — the day I have to commit to a final top 10 list is never fun. People, this is HARD.

Our 2 Favorite Hanukkah Movie Characters (Of All Time)

As a holiday gift to you, we spent days, er, minutes combing through a couple Hanukkah movies to pick out the 2 Greatest Hanukkah Characters Of All Time!

The Top 2 Gerard Butler Movies of All Time

"Playing For Keeps" didn't make the list, but can you guess which two movies DID?

Javier Bardem Tries Out Some (Hilarious) New Hairstyles

Javier Bardem's hair is the secret star of "Skyfall." Here are a few other awesome looks he should try.

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