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Being Bad Never Looked So Good: Batman Villains in 1920s Mugshots

The Great Gatsby wouldn't want these guys around his parties...

Feel Old Realizing All These Movies Came Out a Decade Ago

That was ten years ago?!

Russell Crowe told Rebel Wilson to F**k Off!

Things got aca-awkward between these Aussies.

Questions and Answers With Julia Stiles

NextMovie challenged Stiles to recite the "10 Things I Hate About You" poem.

Dark Jedi Disney Princesses Won't Take Your Sith Anymore

Sith and tired of being pushed around.

Nicole Kidman Will Make a Classy Cameo in 'Anchorman 2'

Who better to help Ron Burgundy stay classy than Nicole Kidman?

The 'Parks and Rec' Justice League: Stacheman and Other Friends

These superheroes of local government don their spandex.

Star Wars: Episode '80s High School

Party on, Darth (Vader)!

'Star Wars' + Schoolhouse Rock = Best Learning Device Ever

Let's learn about adjectives -- and SPACE.

Korean Soldiers Present 'Les Miserables' of Snow Shoveling

South Korean tax dollars, hard at work.

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