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"The World's Most Entertaining Movie Site!" -- NextMovie

Launched by MTV Networks in September, 2010, NextMovie provides exclusive news, videos, interviews and features tailored to movie buffs and filtered through an irreverent and comedic lens. In other words, NextMovie is your one-stop shop for the latest, buzziest, most fun movie items on the interwebs, from trailers and photos to mashups and memes. We are creators. We are curators. We are a little bit cuckoo.


Kevin Polowy, Executive Editor

Brandon Rae, Lead Producer

Kase Wickman, Associate Editor

Craig Flaster, Production Coordinator

Amanda Bell, Nick Blake, Robert DeSalvo, Elizabeth Durand, Bryan Enk, Max Evry, Ben Freiburger, Avaryl Halley, Scott Harris, Old Red Jalopy, Reckless Tortuga, Andie Taylor, Joanna Varikos, Matt Zaller

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